Epic Fantasy Erotica Author

Compendium: The Hunter Trials

Ziva Jarin

Orphaned as a baby and taken in by the nearby village of Pinedale, she fled to the capital of Hartshore to join King Sevrin's Hunter Trials.

Kurz Matuk

Known as the "orkan" to many in his clan, his mixed human-orc blood has been the shame of many in his clan, and embodies all the weaknesses he feels he has.

Henri Belerac

The second of the four sons of Lord Regent Amos Belerac, he is not the next in line for the title, but is the backup, a position that leaves him feeling unfulfilled and without much purpose.

Firan Nikolan

The only son and heir to King Wendelford Nikolan of the kingdom of Mataly - the wealthiest kingdom in the world. Raised to eventually take the king's throne, he has impeccable manners and the propriety of the noble class.

Amos Belerac

Lord Regent in the Kingdom of Hartshore, he is a well-respected businessman and noble who lives in the Black Mountains with his four sons.

Bryant Belerac

Eldest son of Lord Regent Amos Belerac, and heir to the Lord Regent title, Bryant feels the duty and obligation to his father and family more keenly than his brothers.

Seamus Belerac

Third son of Lord Regent Amos Belerac and the jokester of the family, he hasn't settled on a path for his life and instead lives in the moment.

Owen Belerac

Youngest son of Lord Regent Amos Belerac, he struggles with his true self and worries over his future, but tries to live up to his brothers that he looks up to so much.

Jace Garvin

The only son of Lord Regent Jaxon Garvin of Riverfield. He's cocky, brash, and more than a bit full of himself.

Yazid Aahmas

Yazid Aahmas

One of a set of twins from the royal family of the Kingdom of Soryn, Yazid loves his country and knows it better than anyone else.