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Demon's Curse: Aries (Devil's Contracts: Book 1)

What happens when a 1000-year-old curse breaks, with a human and a demon caught in the middle?

Cori Rathmore has finally found a solitary peace in the small town of South Rock after running from her bloody and tragic past... until she falls for a handsome and dangerous stranger, and lands in the middle of a demon war that she's destined to play a larger part in than she - or anyone else - realizes.

Will she survive the battles to come... and will her heart survive this mysterious stranger?

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Wow I'm hooked
"I love the female MC's spunky survival instincts and the males supporting her are delicious!"
"If you like your fantasy stories with extra spice, then Miss Jamison is a great place to start."
Erotica with a plot!?
"Yes, erotica can also have a good storyline, and Ms. Jamison proves it."
It's Complicated
I have to switch my relationship status to "it's complicated" after reading book 3... I'm now completely infatuated with a 7' tall orc...

what is radish?

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